What’s Special About Garage Kings Franchise Culture?

Garage Kings Franchise Culture: committed to helping you win in business

We all want to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. We all want a rich life, not only in terms of financial independence, but one that is filled with family, friendships and community. How many people would go into business for themselves if they realized they could have the unwavering support of a group of people who shared their dreams, their goals and their hopes for success? This is at the heart of the Garage Kings franchise culture.

The franchisees that make up the Garage Kings family already know the answer to this question. Too many people are working jobs they aren’t passionate about, too many people are wasting their talents, their drive, their skill-sets on a career path that is giving them nothing back except a paycheck. We believe there’s more to life than this. A lot more.

“We want to help people wake up every morning and love what they do,” says Tim Frazer, Co-CEO and Founding Partner of Garage Kings. “It’s really that simple. That’s why Jamie and I founded this business in his basement, starting from nothing, and worked until we were successful. The reason we did that is because we knew we wanted to help other entrepreneurs just like us be successful. Now, our main driver is to help make our franchisees successful faster and easier than we did it by establishing a proven business model and working together with our franchisees to find out how to do everything the right way. We have an incredible team of people. We share the same vision, we share the same goals. Our motto is to grow yourself and help each other grow. That’s what we do.”


When you franchise with Garage Kings, you’re joining an elite network of passionate entrepreneurs who share your vision for the future. Because of this, we’re extremely selective in who we choose to bring on. We look for entrepreneurs who love people, aren’t afraid to learn and collaborate, and want to continually get better day-in and day-out. This is a sales-driven business, which means you have to be as ready to pound the pavement as you are willing to get your hands dirty on a job site. You have to be driven to make sales, complete work with expertise and make your business a fun and meaningful place to work for your employees. We take care of the rest.

This starts with our training, which is extremely straightforward. We will fly a team member out to your market to help you master the service on an actual job site — your job site to be specific. We also help you generate leads, provide digital marketing on both the local and national level, and provide regular coaching to ensure your business is thriving. We encourage you to reach out to other franchisees, who are themselves experts at your business and many of whom are ready to help you whenever you need it, just as we are always available to help you.

Garage Kings Franchise Culture

We also provide you with a customized app that we developed from the ground up to help you manage your business on an ongoing basis, including everything from managing appointments to the entirety of the installation process. We also help you keep costs low by providing you with our in-house call center, which will help keep you organized, convert leads into jobs, and manage the customer service experience.

“We take the burden out of owning a business,” says Tom Rumble, SVP of Operations with Garage Kings. “One of the things that attracted me to Garage Kings is that this brand really is adamant about making sure that the community of owners continues to grow. I come from corporate America, and a franchise network with the level of support that Garage Kings provides is unparalleled. We provide an unbelievable level of resources and ongoing support to aimed at helping franchisees thrive.”