What is a Garage Kings Custom Flooring Franchise?

Fast-growing garage epoxy floor coating franchise is helping entrepreneurs thrive

The best ideas often come from the least expected places. Homeowners used to think very little about their garages. It was simply a dusty, dirty, unfinished space where we parked the car, kept our tools and stored our stuff. In the age of HGTV and the DIY blog-o-sphere, garages are being converted into airbnb rental properties, man caves and more, in record numbers. As a result, garages, the last place you’d think to look for a business opportunity, has become big business.

Enter Garage Kings. Founded in 2015 by two entrepreneurs, Garage Kings has taken the emerging garage flooring industry by storm by setting the gold standard for epoxy floor coating services. That’s right — Garage Kings is in the garage floor business, and only the garage floor business, and this tightly focused business model is growing rapidly throughout the United States and Canada. Since we started expanding in 2017, Garage Kings has grown to nearly 50 locations in the United States and Canada, with more than 20 locations added in the past year alone.

“The industry is growing, and that is not going to change any time soon,” says Jamie Seamans, Co-CEO and Founding Partner of Garage Kings. “It’s exciting to be a part of growth, and if you’re growth-driven, now is the best time to join Garage Kings. Because this is an emerging industry, our franchisees get to be early adopters and truly establish themselves as the outfront leaders in their markets. The results that our franchisees are having is phenomenal to witness. Garage Kings is bigger than any one of us, and there’s no limit as to how big we can grow.”


According to The Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy (an office with the U.S. Department of Energy), 63% of all housing units have a garage or a carport. Statista reports that there are more than 138 million housing units in the United States, which means that there’s more than 87 millions of homes that have garages or carports — that’s a lot of floors for Garage Kings franchise owners to finish.

Since our founding six years ago, Garage Kings has helped homeowners transform their garage floors into something special. Our superior epoxy coating product is durable, clean and provides a beautiful look that will last a lifetime. While other brands and independent contractors exist in this rapidly emerging industry, Garage Kings is capturing market share by being able to provide the product, as well as the level of professionalism and trustworthiness that today’s consumers expect.

“There’s a lot of ‘Joe Epoxy’s’ out there,” Seamans says. “The problem is, they’re in business for themselves. If something goes wrong, the customer is left in the lurch. The work that our franchisees perform is backed by us, so even if the franchise changes hands, the customer has recourse. Today, the customer journey is the most important part about any business. It’s not about the product per se, which is excellent. It’s like being a good dad — if you’re a good dad, you don’t walk around saying how good of a dad you are. Of course, we make great floors — that’s a given — but it’s about doing everything the customer expects you to do, and doing it really well all the way through.”

As a franchise opportunity, the reason entrepreneurs are choosing Garage Kings is likewise easy to explain. We’re one of the most affordable franchise opportunities in the $450 billion home remodeling industry, according to Market Watch. Entrepreneurs can get started in business for as little as $100,000*, and can get established in business quickly, with only a few employees, a minimal equipment package, and a branded van. That’s all it takes to begin operations, and because we only focus on one service, the business model is easy to master.

Our energy as a franchisor is squarely focused on helping you grow your business right out of the gate. We provide training by flying a team member to your location and walking you through the service step-by-step on a job that you will be getting paid for completing. Because we know you’re not a marketing expert, we provide you with a full-suite of digital marketing solutions, including our corporate website, which will serve as a major lead generation source for your business. We also help you establish your digital footprint locally with your own subpage link on our corporate website. In addition, we provide ongoing and regular coaching to evaluate your performance and help ensure you exceed your growth targets. We’re in this business to help you win.

“The best thing about Garage Kings is how committed everyone is to help each other grow,” says Tim Frazer, CO-CEO and Founding Partner of Garage Kings. “We developed the back-end support, so as a new operator coming on board, we have everything you need to own a thriving business. Our team is working around the clock, non-stop, to help you concentrate on doing what you do best — selling garage floors in your community and growing your business.”

*Actual costs to get started in business may vary.  For more information, please review Item 7 of our Franchise Disclosure Document, which can be found here.