What Do Garage Kings Franchisees Say?

Garage Kings franchisees open up about what they love about their businesses

Garage Kings is a family. Our Garage King franchisees are some of the most driven, collaborative, ambitious and thoughtful entrepreneurs in the entire industry. They support each other, they support us with incredible new ideas and best practices. We all share the same vision: Grow Yourself and Help Each Other Grow. That’s precisely what Garage Kings franchisees do every day.

This is what Garage Kings owners have to say about what they love about their businesses:

We have high-quality products, all of our installers are extremely high-quality, we have corporate support, and you don’t have to be an expert at marketing. I don’t know how to use Google Ads, they do it for me, it’s great! We have an awesome app, you get the lead, give them a call, set up a call and it’s instantaneous.

-Rob Gale, owner of the Garage Kings franchise in New Brunswick, Canada

“Customers love us because we’re an emerging brand in the U.S. and Canada, we’re not just a mom-and-pop shop that they can’t trust. We’re a national brand with a growing presence across the United States and Canada. This is a business that looks harder than it actually is. Garage Kings is a big family — we learn together, we collaborate, we help each other. It’s rewarding.”

—  Christian Stokes, owner of the Garage Kings franchise in Nashville, Tennessee

“Our growing brand brings a great presence and a good local operator, which my customers really appreciate. I install the floors, as well as sell the floors, which gives me a very hands-on experience with customers. Our product is,without question, the best that is out there. When we’re done, the customer says ‘Holy Cow!’ That’s the best part of the whole day. We’re growing strong and steady, and I’m looking to expand my business to include more territories going forward.”

—  Brian Eldrige, Garage Kings franchisee in Utah County, Utah