The Garage Kings Franchise Story

Garage Kings franchise story: two entrepreneurs create a brand that is poised to dominate the epoxy floor industry

Sometimes all you need is one great idea and you can take over the world. This is exactly what happened in the Garage Kings franchise story, when Jamie Seamans and Tim Frazer, two longtime friends, ran into each other one day in 2013 in their small town outside of New Brunswick, Canada. Both Seamans and Frazer were tired of working for someone else, and they wanted to start a business that would make an impact.

In Canada, because of the cold weather, people spend a lot of time in their garages. It’s a place to hang out with friends and unwind after work, and because of how much time people spend in their garages, homeowners were willing to pay to have their floors done. They spent months in Seamans’ basement playing with chemicals until they found their Signature Polyaspartic Flake Floor, which is as beautiful as it is durable — and then they launched their installation business.

garage kings franchise story

“We started this business in a basement from nothing,” says Tim Frazer, CO-CEO and Founding Partner of Garage Kings. “We really bootstrapped this business, and spent a lot of time researching epoxy products until we had something that was far superior to anything else on the market.”


In 2015, the pair officially branded their new company as Garage Kings. By this time, they had proven the efficacy of the business model. Not only did they prove the superiority of their product with a long trail of positive customer reviews, they proved that the business could be replicated by others. This is the result of their focus on simplicity as a fundamental operating model — everything from the sales process, the customer experience and the work itself was designed to be simple.

“We got into this business to help other entrepreneurs get into business for themselves,” says Jamie Seamans, CO-CEO and Founding Partner of Garage Kings. “There’s not enough people out there who wake up and do what they love every day, and when we realized we had a model that could help people do that, it was a no-brainer for us to begin franchising. We abandoned our installation business, which given how profitable we were might have destroyed us, but it was more important to us to help other entrepreneurs succeed. We haven’t looked back.”

In 2017, Garage Kings started expanding in the United States and Canada, and the results have been phenomenal. In two short years, the brand has opened nearly 50 locations in the United States and Canada.

Why is Garage Kings growing so fast? Garage Kings is growing right alongside the increasing demand for epoxy coating solutions by homeowners who want to convert their garages into beautiful spaces that they can enjoy. By positioning ourselves as the first brand that is bringing a level of professionalism that customers expect, and a brand that stands proudly behind its work with long-time warranties, Garage Kings is ready to become a leader of  this rapidly growing new industry. The only thing that we’re missing is you.

“There’s no question that as we continue to plant more red and gold flags across the nation that Garage Kings is going to become a leader in this segment,” Seamans says. “We’re looking for people who are ready to make a real impact in their communities and dominate their local markets. We expect to grow rapidly in the coming years. The sky’s the limit.”