How Much Does It Cost to Open A Garage Kings Franchise?

A low Garage King Franchise cost makes your dream more affordable than you may think

There’s a reason why Garage Kings is a fast-growing epoxy flooring business in the U.S. and Canada — we make it easy for entrepreneurs to own a business by keeping the Garage Kings franchise cost low. In fact, helping entrepreneurs leave the corporate world behind is the very reason we created this business in the first place. Because of that, it should come as no surprise that Garage Kings is one of the most affordable franchises to own in the home remodeling industry.

The total investment to begin operations with Garage Kings ranges from $97-250 – $241,500. This low cost of entry includes everything you need to get started, including equipment, products, training, plugging into our proven marketing support and more.

Garage Kings Franchise Cost

What do I get for my franchise fee? You get our unwavering commitment to help your business thrive. We provide a call-center to answer your phones, keep you organized, and keep ongoing costs low. We provide a full suite of marketing support, including lead-generation services and local marketing support to establish your own online footprint. We also provide ongoing coaching, training and mentorship to support your business beginning from day one.


Owning a business shouldn’t break the bank, and now Garage Kings is even more affordable with financing options through our partnership with Guidant Financial. Getting pre-qualified only takes two minutes, and your instant results will include:

  • Maximum Funding Amount
  • List of funding options
  • Comparison chart of your pre-approved programs

We want entrepreneurship to be made as easy as possible because Garage Kings believes that more people should do what they love.

For more information about the costs and fees associated with ownership, please consult a full breakdown of Item 7 from our most recent Franchise Disclosure Document below:

Initial Franchise Fee (Note 1) $18,000 – $28,000 Lump Sum Upon execution of the Franchise Agreement Us
Training Expenses (Note 2) $0 – $5,000 As airlines, hotels, restaurants, etc. require As airlines, hotels, restaurants, etc. require Airlines, hotels, restaurants, etc.
Real Property (Note 3)
Storage Space (Note 4) $0 – $500 As Arranged As Arranged Storage Facility
Construction/Remodeling Leasehold Improvements (Note 5) $0 – $5,000 As Arranged As Contractor requires Contractor
Initial Equipment Package (Note 6) $12,000 – $35,000 Lump Sum or Monthly Installments Prior to Training Us
Initial Product Order (Note 7) $10,000 – $25,000 Lump Sum As Incurred Us
GK Work Vehicle / GK Storage Trailer (Note 8) $38,000 – $68,000 Lump Sum or Monthly Installments As Arranged Approved Vendors and Suppliers
Office Equipment, Fixtures, Décor, Supplies and Furnishings (Note 8) $0 – $5,000 As Arranged As Arranged Approved Sign Company
Computer Hardware & Software (Note 9) $1,000 – $3,000 Lump Sum or Monthly Installments Before Training Approved Suppliers
Signage (Note 10) $2,500 – $4,500 Lump Sum Before Opening Approved Vendor
Wages, Transportation and Lodging during Initial Training (Note 11) $0 – $5,000 As Incurred During Training Approved Suppliers
Insurance (Note 12) $1,250 – $2,500 As Incurred As Incurred Insurance Company / Agent
Advertising & Marketing (Note 13) $5,000 – $20,000 As Arranged As Arranged Us
Epoxy Flooring Installation License (Note 14) $0 – $1,000 As Incurred Before Opening Suppliers
Professional Fees (Note 15) $2,000 – $10,000 As Arranged As Arranged Your bank (We have the right to withdraw from this account)
Additional Funds – 3 Months (Note 16) $8,000 – $24,000 As expenses occur After opening Us, Employees, Various Third Parties
TOTAL (Note 17) $97,250 – $241,500

Notes: See Franchise Disclosure Document for full notes