How Big is the Garage Kings Franchise Opportunity?

Garage Kings Franchise opportunity is ready to become the dominant brand in a fast-growing industry

Garages used to be the dirty secret that every homeowner hid away from the rest of the world. These dusty, cluttered spaces were places to park the cars, store the tools, lawn mowers, bicycles and whatever household overflow we couldn’t find a use for but didn’t want to throw away yet. It was a space in which we spent as little time as possible. That’s where the Garage Kings franchise opportunity enters.

This is no longer the case. More and more Americans are rethinking how to best utilize what is often the biggest room in their home. A simple Google search for “Garage Conversions,” will yield dozens and dozens of articles about how to creatively transform a garage into a man cave, a recreation room, a rental property, a showroom for automobiles and more. For homeowners, transforming an unfinished garage into a new space worthy of spending time in begins with the floor — and this is where Garage Kings excels.

Founded in 2015, Garage Kings is ready to become a leader in the emerging epoxy coating industry. With nearly 50 locations in the United States and Canada, Garage Kings is capitalizing on the widely popular interest that homeowners have in transforming their garages into beautiful spaces. And unlike home remodeling trends that come and go, this one is here to stay.

Garage Kings Franchise Opportunity

“People never saw their garages as a livable space up until recently,” says Jamie Seamans, Co-CEO and Founding Partner of Garage Kings. “There’s a mindset shift in how people see their garage spaces. It’s kind of like the phenomenon with bottled water. In the 1990s, it would have been unthinkable to buy bottled water, but fast forward 10 years later and everybody is drinking bottled water. The garage floor used to be an unfinished spot of the home. You wouldn’t show people your garage, you would use it primarily as a storage space. Now, because it’s often the biggest part of the home, people are seeing the value in transforming this space — and that starts with the floor, which is where we come in.”


Most brands in the booming $450 billion home remodeling industry, according to Market Watch, offer myriad services in which they claim to excel. Garage Kings is different. We’ve decided to master one thing and be the dominant brand in the epoxy floor coating category. Because we concentrate on one service, we are able to position ourselves as a trustworthy brand in the markets we enter and concentrate on providing exceptional customer service.

Everything about Garage Kings is different from the fly-by-night operators and independent contractors that make up a large part of our growing industry. For starters, Garage Kings is an emerging brand with a rising profile in the United States and Canada, and because of our expanding footprint, we’re able to effectively market directly to the consumers who are searching to transform their garages. Our years of research in developing the best product has paid off, and to prove it, we back up our work with  long-term guarantees.

We also emphasize convenience and affordability. Our franchisees and their employees show up to a client’s home in a branded vehicle, and wear our signature red and gold shirts on the job site. A typical job takes only a day or two to complete, and a homeowner can walk on the epoxy floor coating 24 hours after the job is finished. In 72 hours, the homeowner can resume full use of the space.

“Our brand brings a great presence and a good local operator, which my customers really appreciate,” says Brian Eldrige, owner of a Garage Kings in Utah County, Utah. “I install the floors, as well as sell the floors, which gives me a very hands-on experience with customers. Our product is, without question, the best that is out there. When we’re done, the customer says ‘Holy Cow!’ That’s the best part of the whole day. We’re growing strong and steady, and I’m looking to expand my business to include more territories going forward.”